Vigneto Shawl

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Here I am, back in Italy (well, in my imagination at least) with a new pattern for you. This design reminded me of rows and rows of perfectly groomed grapevines and the leafy foliage that is produced on the vines.  I searched and found a fitting name, Vigneto, which in Italian means vineyard.

DSC_0048 - Version 2

Vigneto Shawl is slightly asymmetrical and completely adjustable to your size requirements and to your available yardage.  Both the striped texture stitch at the beginning of the shawl and the leafy border pattern may be repeated any number of times.  The pattern begins at one wingtip with the striped texture stitch (the rows of grapevines) and ends at the other wingtip with the leafy border.  When worn, the rows of grapevines curve becomingly around your shoulders and then sprout into the leafy lace pattern.


The lace border features an unusual textured stitch.  I searched online to find…

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